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All the elders came to David in Hebron, and they anointed him king of Israel

(pertaining to today’s first reading: 2 Samuel 5: 1-3)

When was your Camelot season? Most of us can pinpoint a time when we were living the glory days. For some, the best times may have been in the academic bubble or on the playing field. Maybe it was the year you met your future spouse, the decades raising kids, the day you got the job of your dreams, paid off the mortgage, or were able to retire.

The Bible traces Israel’s rocky and uncertain history through many generations of great distress. The best hour was when a young soldier named David united the tribes into a strong kingdom. It would all fall apart in another generation, but for that special season, it looked like the land of promise had finally achieved its potential.

How did a band of wandering tribes evolve from anonymous traders through generations of Egyptian slavery to become a nation on the world stage? To the elders assembling in Hebron for the anointing, it must have felt like Paradise was won. The era of good King David would be a hauntingly precious memory through Israel’s future. (Alice Camille)

Make a quick graph of your life’s highs and lows.
How does what you believe sustain you through the lows, keep you humble through the highs?

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