Now I know there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel.

(pertaining to today’s first reading: 2 Kings 5:14-17)

Glance around. Chances are some words are within your sight range. The spines of books declare their titles. Billboards announce upcoming events. Newstands shout headlines. Product labels whisper ingredients in tiny print. Calendars pinpoint year, month, and day. Grocery lists demand an errand. The face of your phone reminds you that someone is trying to reach you.

In the sea of words around us, we might cheerfully ignore most of them and not risk harm. With a few others, we may kick the can of our attention down the road awhile longer, but sooner or later we’ll need to engage. A very few words require our profound investment.  How will we determine which those are, and give over our attention in time?

General Naaman, leprosy suffer, has heard too much advice from healers and none of it was helpful. Now a foreign seer is telling him to bathe in a local river to restore his flesh. Really? This is going to do it? In fact, it is. The prophet’s words are simple and precious. We’d be wise to listen up. (Alice Camille)

How do you know when wise words are being spoken? What do you do with wise words when you find them?

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