Jesus said to them, “Peace be with you"

(pertaining to today’s Gospel reading: JOHN 20: 19-31)

Pope Francis has noted: “Last Sunday we celebrated the Lord’s resurrection; today we witness the resurrection of his disciple.” what a marvelous way to consider the apostle we too often dismiss as the doubter! the risen Lord returns to raise up to new life a friend who has languished in the death of hope.

“Thomas, the disciple who arrived late; he was the only one missing. But the Lord waited for Thomas.” With these words, Pope Francis reminds us that Thomas is like the 100th sheep who went wandering. The Good shepherd is never going to accept that one of his own is gone for good. As long as there’s a chance to recover the lost sheep, Jesus scours the territory.

In your life and mine, there are episodes of wandering in the dark. Sometimes we wander so far we’re pretty sure the road back is beyond us. And maybe it is. But it’s never beyond Jesus. He never stops looking or waiting for us. There is no hour when he’s not aware that someone’s missing – until no one is.     (Alice Camille)

In which seasons of your life have you wandered from the sustaining community?
How did you find your way back?

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