So also of faith itself, if it does not have works, is dead

(pertaining to today’s second reading:, JAMES 2:14-18)

Another spoiler alert: there is no easy Christianity. No religion that hangs a crucified man in the center of its worship space gives that illusion. If being Catholic is easy, obvious, and inexpensive for us, we’re doing it wrong. This is a religion in which even God has skin (and blood) in the game. Exceptions will not be made for the rest of us.

Long ago, St. James told us not to even think about getting away with a claim to faith without a life of works to back it up. While there are hungry and homeless people on this planet, we all have work to do. And that’s just for starters. Other corporal works of mercy include clothing the naked, visiting the sick, and burying the dead. After the corporal works, add in spiritual ones: instructing, advising, consoling, comforting, forgiving, and bearing wrongs patiently. Even the greatest saints didn’t complete these tasks and then retire. We’ll know we’re done when the Kingdom comes. Till then, it’s time to get back to works.                     (Alice Camille)

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