Catholic Schools



Catholic Central High School (Grades 9-12)

Catholic Central High School educates young men and women by fostering the work of God's grace and nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, physical, cultural and social facets of each student's life. Faithful to the Catholic Church, we strive to form disciples who serve God and others with justice, respect, and charity.

It is the responsibility of the teaching staff to emulate Catholic ideals and to ensure that they pervade the structure of school life. It is in service to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our Christian ministry that we seek to promote spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth in a caring community environment. Catholic Central High School strives to be a resource and a guide to this lifelong task through a program of sound religious formation and excellence in education.  For more information call: 1 (740) 264-5538


ANNUAL RAFFLE for BISHOP JOHN KING MUSSIO ELEMENTARY and JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: Tickets are once again $20.00 each and each family from the school is asked to sell at least ten. The drawing will be held after the annual Bishop Mussio Day Mass in Lanman Hall at Catholic Central High School THIS Friday, April 28. Grand prize: $5,000.00; 2nd prize: $2,000.00 and 3rd prize: $1,000.00. This fundraiser is vital to aid in meeting the operating expenses at the schools, so we ask for your support. Please help us to reach our goal of $20,000.00 in ticket sales! If you know any families whose children attend the schools, ask them for a ticket and / or envelopes with tickets have been placed in the church pews. Won’t you please purchase one? If you would like more, please contact the elementary school at 264-2552 or the junior high school at 346-0028. Thank you for all you do to support our Catholic schools!


Bishop John King Mussio Junior High School (Grades 7-8)

Bishop John King Mussio Junior High School is a diocesan school serving the parishes of Jefferson County. Our primary mission is to provide a faith community that forms minds, hearts, and souls in the likeness of Christ. We foster the God-given gifts of our students through challenging academics, fine arts, athletics, and service in a learning environment based on trust and mutual respect.  We believe that the Catholic faith must permeate curriculum and develop disciples who value and live the Gospel teachings.  The collaboration of school, family, parish, and community is essential for proper education.  For more information call: 1 (740) 346-0028


 Bishop John King Mussio Central Elementary School (Grades K-6)

Bishop John King Mussio Central Elementary School provides for the education of the whole child by integrating religious principles into its learning curriculum.  Students grow both in their Catholic faith and beliefs, as well as academically, in a nurturing and safe environment.

Rooted in the traditions of the Catholic faith, the latest in teaching methodology and creative learning is utilized.  A strong academic curriculum, following the Ohio State Standards, is supplemented by high expectations of our students. Computer program, music, art, physical education, guidance program, library center, enrichment and remediation programs are incorporated into the school program.  The faculty consists of state-certified teachers who are committed to creating a faith environment and building Christian community between the staff, parents, and students. Parents play an integral part in the school program.  Active parent committees work to support the school and work as a team with the school administration and teachers.  For more information call: 1 (740) 264-2550