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Then will the eyes of the blind be opened, the ears of the deaf be cleared.

(pertaining to today’s first reading: Isaiah 35:4-7A)

I’m pretty sure life is simpler if we don’t pay attention. If we choose not to see or hear what disturbs our peace, and refrain from visiting or mentioning hard realities, we can probably live a cheery little life in a bubble of denial. I’ve spent more than one season in a happy protective bubble where I stopped watching or receiving outside news. I refused to engage with family conflicts, suffering friends, and problematic community members. I just wanted to do my work and not invest myself in drama.

Alas: life is a drama, and existence in a bubble is not life. In order to love, we have to open our hearts to whatever comes. Some of that will be unpleasant, disturbing, even wildly alarming. Real life interferes with our peace, but that doesn’t mean we’re robbed of it altogether. Trusting in God, we can dare to see, hear, walk, and speak where life takes us. (Alice Camille)

What’s been hard to see or hear? Where has been difficult to go? What’s challenging to say?

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