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Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands, I will not believe.

(pertaining to today’s Gospel reading: JOHN 20:19-31)

A lot of amazing things happened that first Easter Sunday. Foremost was the resurrection itself – which no one actually witnessed. What was left in its wake was an empty tomb, some neatly folded cloths, and a few beings in dazzling white who declared that the person you’re looking for is not here anymore.

Then the appearances started happening, here, there, and everywhere. Mary Magdalene saw someone who was not a gardener. So did some women. A couple on their way to Emmaus encountered a stranger who was strangely familiar. Individuals and then groups started reporting meetings that made their hearts leap with hope and recognition. Thomas heard all of this, but saw nothing. Maybe he was jealous, or maybe just skeptical. He wasn’t buying any of it.

Thomas didn’t want a vision. He wanted a touch, to lay his hands on Jesus and to know for sure his teacher had returned. Jesus respected his need and gave him what he asked for. What do you need to believe that Jesus is the one people say he is? Revelations come to those who seek them. (Alice Camille)

What have you seen heard, touched, that enables you to put your trust in Jesus?

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