Blessed Sacrament

Always be ready to give an explanation for the reason for your hope

(pertaining to today’s second reading: 1 Peter 3:15-18)

It’s been missing in the public conversation for some time: what Peter defines as an environment of “gentleness and everence” in our dealings with others. Especially when those others happen to be people who think differently, look differently, or act differently than we do. We’ve become a society that tends to close ranks, build walls, and live in subdivisions of the heart. We don’t want to share beyond our tribe. We don’t want to trust beyond our kind.

Yet ths spirit of gentleness and reverence toward tose who stand outside our story is not merely a New Testament suggestion. Reverence, also known as “fear of the Lord,” is a spirit recommeded since the time of Isaiah in a list later made famous as the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11:2-3). Gentleness is an attribute Paul will identify as a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Ths twinned attitude toward others is not a nice idea, but a mandate for those who take the Holy Spirit seriously. The reason for our hope can’t be separated form the way we resent that hope to the world.(Alice Camille)


Gentlenss is difficult to present to aggressors, and reverence is tough to summon in secular discussions.
How do you embody both in your yone, word choice, and manner?

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