Blessed Sacrament

Synod 2018

To involve young people in preparations for the Synod of Bishops on Youth in 2018, the Vatican has released an online questionnaire to better understand the lives, attitudes and concerns of 16 to 29 year olds around the world.

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"But then it becomes like fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones."

(pertaining to today’s first reading: Jeremiah 20:7-9)

Happy Labor Day weekend!Anyone who has a job, however unsatisfying it may be, knows that working is generally more preferable than the alternative. I quit jobs I didn’t think I could stand a moment longer – only to spend the following days suffering the uncertain anguish of what happens next. Having a purpose to our days, paid or unpaid, is vital to our sense of well being, even if we’re financially secure enough not to require the income. It has to make a difference that we got out of bed in the morning. We have to give something of ourselves away daily or the pool  of self becomes stagnant and rank.

Perhaps athe definition of a human being fully alive must include the word “sacrifice.” Prophets, parents, and other heroes know what that means. Many in the teaching and healing professions, in social work and other service positions are well acquainted with the concept. We don’t just do our job to get paid; we do it to make our contibution. Dishes washed, prayers prayed, loving attention granted – it all counts. (Alice Camille)

Who has made a “living sacrifice” for you out of their own flesh and blood?

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